Times Sunday Book Review!

My first review in the New York Times Sunday Book Review! "Engaging and scrupulously reported," writes reviewer Constance Casey. The best part, though, is the comment about my previous book: “ ‘The Earth Moved’ not only had that great title, it was a completely original combination of science and passion."

And here’s the link to the non-fiction bestseller list, at #31.

3 thoughts on “Times Sunday Book Review!”

  1. Amy, I’m so thrilled for you! Just ordered my copy from Powells.com.
    Let me know when you get booked for The Daily Show. I’ll hop on a plane and crash that party. My two favorite people on one stage. Then I can die happy.

  2. Hi Amy,
    I am half way through your great book! It reminds me of the joy I had reading “The Botany of Desire.” Your writing style makes one feel as though they’re walking through the stories with an old gardening friend and sharing the discoveries. Thank you.
    I’ll put a link up and recommend your book on my site.
    Patrick – http://www.IHeartGardening.com

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