The Floral Industry Responds

Here’s a round-up of comments I’ve received from florists, growers, and other industry people around the country about the book, my recent NYT op-ed piece, and all the other coverage and discussion surrounding Flower Confidential:

"Your book Flower Confidential is amazing! I have been in the floral industry for 24 years…Your book truly does say it all about the floral industry–what it once was and what it is today.Thank you so much for bringing our industry to the public and educating them. "

"As a participant in the floral industry as both employee & owner, I find
that the book will serve as a great introduction to the real problem of floral
retailers. You captured the feeling and truths of the industry..the good and the
bad. A damn good read for all florists!  Thanks for a well-written book."

"This book should be a required text for all florists.  Good work!"

"You are just full of information!!  I am telling everyone–suppliers, other florists, etc–about you."

"I am so interested in an involvement with the "green" floral industry. I
recently watched Al Gore’s "an Inconvenient Truth" and want to support my love
of this earth with definitive action."

"Reading this book is partly what got me interested in learning about organic flowers…
If you’ve ever wondered just where your wedding flowers are coming from
and the true global nature of the flower economy, you should read this

"You cannot imaged how touched I am by your beautiful article which appeared in
yesterday’s NY Times.  You contribution means so much to me and, I am certain,
to so many other florists who find themselves in a constant battle for

"The Mom & Pop shops are struggling so hard just to keep doing what they
have always done, using their passion for flowers to celebrate the daily lives of their
customers.  They work hard, they aren’t paid particularly well, but they love the work of their hands
and the people they serve.  They are a treasure of old-fashioned values in a world on fast forward.
They ask only to be appreciated for their long hours of bringing joy to the lives of others!  Thank you for
voicing that appreciation."

"Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful book!  It took my breath away!  Your writing is fun and easy to read and I didn’t want to put the book down."

"As a floral designer I feel a duty to follow up on your book… I’m hoping I can somehow find a way to continue my love affair
with flower arranging without losing sight of the ethical aspect."

"Keep up the good work… thanks for the positive things you are doing for our great floral industry!"

"Flower Confidential is a treasure….Florists could learn a lot from you."

“To me as a flower professional in the rose business, which Amy Stewart writes a lot about in her new book, this was a fascinating read. I am impressed with how much she was able to learn and how down to earth (ha ha) her information is. With the entry of the cheap imports, everything has changed and she really covers this fascinating saga!”

“I’ve learned a lot I didn’t know about the cut flower industry, and now I’ve passed the book on to my shop manager.  I think all who work in the industry should read it!”

“Having lived my entire life in the floral industry and coming from a fourth generation family flower business, I found Amy’s book nothing short of brilliant. Her ability to portray our complex industry is extremely informative, accurate and compelling!”

"Thank you for all your hard work in promoting sustainable practices."

"Thank you again for writing about the neighborhood flower shop.

"Everyone in our biz should read this book."

Cut Flower Quarterly magazine said, "An absorbing read, one that kept me up at night…As you do your part to assure American’s lives are all the more enriched through flowers this season, go out and get a copy of Amy Stewart’s book.  After you have finished it, pass it on to one of your customers, and tell her to pass it along as well."

Flowers&, the Teleflora magazine, said, "Some will jeer, others will cheer,
but everyone in the flower business will have an opinion…Stewart
pulls no punches in reporting on the issues, especially the use of
pesticides.  On the whole, however, Flower Confidential is a
sympathetic report, fair-minded and thoroughly researched."

And, from the Society of American Florists:  "Somebody send this woman some roses."