The Indie Gardening Bestseller List

So I got a copy of this list because Wicked Plants was on it.  Which is very cool.  But it's an interesting list overall; rarely do we get any kind of comprehensive round-up of popular garden books like this.

Check out the list here.  Which ones are you reading?

6 thoughts on “The Indie Gardening Bestseller List”

  1. Wow, I guess I am an Indie Gardener because I have read most of those. Although the one about Trees I have never heard of; I will have to check it out from the library. Also, I am wondering is why isn’t The Earth Moved on this list? Or Parsnips in the Snow for that matter.

  2. I’ve read Animal Vegetable Miracle, your book, Sunset of course, I own Carrots Love Tomatoes and the John Jeavons guide but don’t read them much – I mostly consult the ladies at Millers or Michele of Neighborhood Farms and Victory Gardens if I have veg questions.
    The one I want is the Tallamy book Bringing Nature Home. Trevor loves to photograph bugs and I like the look of decomposing logs so I figure we’re well-suited to a nature garden, so long as the cats avoid bringing nature indoors. I found two snakes in my bathroom last week! TWO! Cats bring them in, set Mr Snake down for a moment while they eat their kibble, and then wander around wondering where their snake went. Uncool, guys – uncool.

  3. What about Gardening When It Counts by Steve Solomon? Everything he talks about is almost upon us for the love of God! But it’s awesome that Wicked is at the top! Kudos, props.

  4. John P. Hiers

    I plan to use Wicked Plants in my Horticulture classes. It should create interest with high school students plus get them to read. Thanks.

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