Spinach, Microbes, and More

I wrote a story for HGTV.com about safety issues in the garden.  (Read the story here.)  This latest E. coli scare has quite a few gardeners wondering about the safety of animal manure and animal-based fertilizers that use blood meal and bone meal as ingredients.   There’s good news:  these products are fairly safe and I was not able to dig up any reported cases of infection, but it’s a good time to think about some general safety guidelines that gardeners should always have in place.  For more discussion of this issue, check out my related post on GardenRant.

1 thought on “Spinach, Microbes, and More”

  1. I’ve wondered about this–whether there are any known cases of infection from anything other than not properly washing homegrown (or otherwise) fruits and veggies.
    Recently I went to catalogue my plant tags for reference and realized I needed to get them really clean before handling them indoors without my gardening gloves on. I ended up soaking them in a bleach/water solution, scrubbing off the dirt, and drying them thoroughly. It was quite a fussy job, but necessary given what they could be carrying.

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