PW Calls Flower Confidential an “Indie Surprise for Spring”

Publishers Weekly has included Flower Confidential in its list of five "Indie Surprises for Spring."  They write:

Almost any flower, in any color, is for sale at any time of the year anywhere—and not just in florists’ shops. That’s one reason why buyer Holly Myer at Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle, Wash., is "super excited" about Stewart’s look at how flowers get to our tables. "What’s intriguing to me is the correlation between independent bookstores and flower shops," she says. Gardener Dana Brigham at Brookline Booksmith in Brookline, Mass., calls the book "Fast Food Nation for flowers" and will recommend it to Book Sense.

2 thoughts on “PW Calls Flower Confidential an “Indie Surprise for Spring””

  1. The “correlation between independent bookstores and flower shops” can also be extended to small garden shops or any retailer that is offering a product or service not design for the mass audience. The idea that innovative, excited, niche retailing can be a viable business model is fantastic. A few years ago everyone was wondering what would happen to the “indie” business model as the mass merchants seem to be taking over the world. Now we see that there is a need by a smaller, yet more profitable clientele that will support small independent retailers. This is good.

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