Check out the write-up on Flower Confidential in the Picks & Pans section of this week’s People.  (come on, you know you read it!)

There’s also a review in the Wall Street Journal which requires login, but they say:

The arrival of Valentine’s Day might coax a smile to your face or a desperate hope in your heart that you will not forget your beloved on this most important day of the year. But for Amy Stewart, Valentine’s Day is the occasion for something approaching ecstasy, and the feeling has nothing to do with love in the Romeo-and-Juliet sense. Amy Stewart loves flowers….

and they call it "a quirky but entertaining book."

The Seattle P-I also posted a review here.  They say:

The book’s surprisingly fast-paced narrative is filled with such facts, adroitly tucked here and there. But Stewart’s greatest strength is her utter curiosity and diligence in getting behind the scenes in the flower business and finding people, places and scenes that impart drama to her tale. She has the soul of a unrestrained flower lover, the moxie of an investigative journalist.