Mother’s Day Flowers

I wrote an essay for the Guardian on Mother's Day flower in anticipation of the British Mother's Day (which happens earlier than ours) and in anticipation of the publication of the UK edition of Flower Confidential.  Read it here.

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  1. Dear Amy , Hi sorry if this seems like blowing my own trumpet… but wondered if you would be interested in what I am trying to achieve with my very small! flower business in the UK ?
    For the first time I have opened for Mothers day… and due to a cold winter my own flowers are late, this in mind I did allow myself to bring in narcissi form the scilly isles and local grown tulips…
    My ethics are simple… seasonal flowers and within this remit I try to include local (often my own grown flowers),sustainable,ethical, traditional and green…
    Any way do have a look at my blog to find out more I would welcome your comments…
    By the way I am about to restart the USA version of your book and look forward to it very much…

  2. HI , Amy sorry suddenly realised didn’t leave the link to my blog! The spring sunshine has gone to my head!
    Anyway here it it … ,
    Thanks for taking an interest, best wishes Nicola x.

  3. Amy,
    Great article. Also, I just bought your book Flower Confidential and look forward to start reading it tonight after my boys go to bed.
    I also watched the very clever video about your new book “Wicked Plants” and can’t wait to read that one too.

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  6. Amy:
    As a landscape designer, I was fascinated by you new book. It will make me very cautious in using certain plants for clients with children!.
    Question: If Taxus baccata is so poisonous, why do white tail deer seek it out to devour during winter months here in NY?
    Again, great book! Michael LaGue

  7. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to give back to Mom.Sending flowers to them is one of the best gifts that we can give.But for me,whatever your gift will be,they will surely appreciate it.

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