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LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle

Posted by on March 10, 2007 in Media/Reviews

I’m home for a whole week before the Bay Area events begin!  What a luxury.  Who knows–I might even get outside to pull a weed or two.

Meanwhile, check out the profile in the LA Times here, and a story about growing cut flowers in your garden that I wrote for the San Francisco Chronicle here.


  1. Excellent Coverage – Nice profile of Amy !
    Stop, and smell the cut flowers
    Vanishing scent is just one reality of today’s floral market. Author Amy Stewart digs up others too.
    By Suzanne Mantell, Special to The Times
    March 8, 2007,1,1683649.story?coll=la-home-printedition

  2. Hi Amy!
    How I love your passion for flowers!
    My personal theme is, “Play in the Dirt” !
    Your comment in the LA Times about the rose “Full House” has made me crazy trying to locate who grows it and I’m coming up dry. My garden heard me talk about it and, it too, yearns for it. Any clues on how I might find it?
    Enjoy your week at ‘play’ !
    With thanks and smiles,

  3. Please tell me where I can find the Full House rose you mentioned in the LA Times article. I’ve been all over the internet to no avail! Thanks
    email hidden; JavaScript is required