How Not To Be Eaten

Great title. I reviewed that and another bug book in the Washington Post.  Both got me rassling with the question of what make science writing interesting. The answer, as far as I can tell?  Little bit of science, whole lot of drama. Adultery and murders whenever possible.

In other news:  the Wall Street Journal did a little garden round-up for spring.  They wanted a picture of me in my garden, and I remembered that Saxon Holt took some when he was here a few years ago.  Memo to self:  Next time there’s a photographer lurking around just after dawn, and you force yourself out of bed to make some coffee and keep him company, don’t agree to be in any pictures until AFTER you’ve brushed your hair–or at least looked in a mirror.

At least I wasn’t still in my pajamas. Although I don’t know–jammies and wellies–I’m sure it’s been done before.

2 thoughts on “How Not To Be Eaten”

  1. I like how on my Blogger reading list it says “Best Selling Author Amy Stewart” now! I don’t like how the text in composing this comment is nearly invisible. But will follow your blog anywhere regardless! Please forgive typos as I cannot see the mwll enough to fix them.

  2. Wasn’t sure if this was an April Fool!
    Nice article in the Wall Street Journal!
    And photo–you looked relaxed. Oh, you hadn’t had coffee yet?

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