Had a great time today

Had a great time today on KQED’s Forum. The program is already posted in their archives, so check it out. Mary Appelhof and I chatted about worm anatomy and behavior, composting, and the many wonders of those deaf, blind, and spineless creatures. I love it that so many people wanted to call in and talk about their worms. We fielded questions about worms crawling into swimming pools (I don’t think they crawled, I think they probably fell, as in, plunged blindly to their death), how to add worms to the garden (dig up a big chunk of wormy soil from a grassy field and plant it, or bury it, in your garden), and one guy from Gualala even phoned in to tell me about a classic Bullwinkle & Rocky episode in which they bought a ranch and discovered the livestock they purchased was worms. That’s the Lazy Jay Ranch episode, for you B&R fans.

Tonight the worms and I are headed to the Garden Gate in Arcata for a booksigning, and tomorrow we leave for New Mexico. I’ll be reading at Bound to be Read in Albuquerque on Tuesday. If you’re in the area, I hope to see you there.

I haven’t figured out yet, software-wise, how to blog on the road, so I’ll sign off for now and I’ll be back with a full report next week.