Flower Confidential in the Trades

The Cut Flower Quarterly, the publication of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers, says:

An absorbing read, one that kept me up at night….Stewart covers an amazingly wide range of the flower industry.  Go out and get a copy of Amy Stewart’s book.  After you have finished it, pass it on to one of your customers. 

[Note from the author:  Suggesting that your customers buy their own copies wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.]

Flowers&, the magazine of Teleflora, says:

Some will jeer, others will cheer, but everyone in the flower business will have an opinion…Stewart pulls no punches in reporting on the issues, especially the use of pesticides.  On the whole, however, Flower Confidential is a sympathetic report, fair-minded and thoroughly researched.  It’s also a good read:  Stewart has a gift for turning dry facts into compelling stories.