Every Author’s Secret Weapon: A Brilliant Book Publicist

Friends, I am so pleased to share the news that my former publicist at Algonquin, Michael Taeckens, has formed his own agency and is now accepting new clients.

Michael was my publicist for my first four books.  You would not think that a book about earthworms, or poisonous plants, or the flower industry, or a little garden in California, would get much attention in this over-saturated, short-attention-span world. But Michael managed to get my books into the hands of journalists, producers, book reviewers, and readers who took the time to read them and help spread the word. This is no easy task. Michael has connections everywhere, and is much loved and respected by everyone he works with.

So if you are ever in need of a great book publicist, I hope you’ll reach out to Michael. You’ll be glad you did.  And if you’d like to know more about what a publicist can do for an author, these author testimonials will give you some idea.