Washington Post & Elle

From the Sunday Washington Post Book Review (which gives Teresa Sabankaya and Boony Doon Garden Co. well-deserved attention).

Stewart’s journey takes us down many such paths, all connected by her own curiosity and highly readable prose. The greatest value of Flower Confidential, however, is that it was written at all. We know so little of the ways simple daily items are brought to us that such a book helps us grasp our modern world. Who knows? Flower Confidential may compel us to return to something purer, more local. It may send us in search of our own version of Teresa Sabankaya’s flower kiosk.

Flower Confidential is  also in the March 2007 issue of Elle. Page 420. The caption on the roses is priceless:

Nice Stems. These six-foot-tall Ecuadorian roses are an inch taller than Karolina Kurkova and just as organic.

3 thoughts on “Washington Post & Elle”

  1. Christina Aguilera brought some of those 6′ roses to Ellen DeGeneres for her 600th show this week. I was delighted to already be “in the know” about them. 🙂
    Great job on Sunday Morning! How cool is that?

  2. I’m so excited that the ended up using one of my photos! Too fun. Teresa said there was a photo credit, but I don’t see it in the photo. I’ll have to check it out once I see the real thing. Too cool. Congratulations to all of us. =)

  3. Valentine Hemingway

    That is actually the bouquet that Teresa made for me for my wedding…that I forgot to carry down the aisle! Great to see it playing a role in making inroads in the flower industry. We also used all compostable plates and utencils and served organic food that we made with friends prior to the wedding. And it was all so easy. It is nice to see more weddings cropping up that are focused on sustainability and those ideals spreading out into everyday life. Congratualtions to all of you and keep up the wonderful work!

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