College Daze

Check out the KPFA radio interview at their website and click on the Feb. 23 link. I’m always amazed at how quickly a 30-minute radio interview goes by. This was a fun one—Denny Smithson is a thoughtful and well-read host.

Also talked to an engineering class at Humboldt State University. They’re studying alternative technologies—greywater systems, recycling, composting, that sort of thing. It was strange to be back in a college classroom after all this time. What I learned by going back to college:

1. All those hippie kids hanging out on the Arcata plaza? They’re not slackers, they’re engineering majors.

2. Professors send e-mail to their students. Whoa. Is it possible that I went to college back in the dark ages before everyone had e-mail? Yes, I fear it is.