CBS Sunday Morning

Tomorrow morning (Sunday), CBS Sunday Morning will air a segment about the flower business. I spent a couple of days recently with the crew filming in Santa Cruz and San Francisco. Check your local listings for the time – it varies around the country. I’ll probably miss it, as I’ll be getting on a plane to fly from Miami to Portland.


Those beautiful Valentine roses may look as romantic and
sentimental as an old-fashioned garden. But today, the cut flower
industry bears no resemblance whatsoever to that garden you may
remember. It’s a huge, high-tech, outsourced global industry. And as
correspondent Martha Teichner reports, it’s an industry where fragrance
has bred out of roses.

4 thoughts on “CBS Sunday Morning”

  1. Amy – You ROCK, girl! Flower Confidential is raising awareness of a beautiful industry, with thanks to your whirlwind schedule of book signings and appearances.
    I hope you get a big bouquet of gerberas for Valentine’s Day! (but NOT drop-shipped in a cardboard box from an on-line flower farm and left wilting on your door step!)

  2. I enjoyed your segment on the CBS Sunday Morning show. I notice that there was a green rose shown on the program. This is the first time that I have seen a green rose. What was the name of this rose and who is the developer as I would like to discuss a license and use the rose for a fund raising effort on behalf of 4-H as our color is green.

  3. The CBS Sunday morning news this day tells about Dr. Marci Bowers and her sexual reassignment. Poorly done program as it fails to point out that her? sexual chromosomes are still xy which are male and not xx. What a scam. Also the interview with the male hs student who said he played golf with her once and he said she? was pretty good. No wonder with her male muscles in action. Also her voice is very low. Spare me!!!!
    Earl Augspurger DDS MS

  4. Hi Amy,
    I am writing with an unusual request. If you can do it, it might be easy. I work for a nonprofit that helps abused kids. We are trying to get an “in” at CBS Sunday morning to propose they cover a fabulous fundraiser for our agency that features art created by regional artists — there are many unique aspects to it beyond just an auction. What we need is a contact name, email, or phone at CBS Sunday morning. Can you help? Thanks so much for listening, whether you can help or not! Beryl Wight

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