A Smutty Sort of Lust

It’s not a big surprise that the BookSlut review of Flower Confidential quoted what is turning into the most often cited line in the book – "I’ve always had a generalized, smutty sort of lust for flowers…" As the premiere blog about books, it also came as no surprise that reviewer Sarah Statz captured what I was trying to do with Flower Confidential as well as anyone:

It’s a glorious little book, informative but fun to read, personal and
environmentally conscious but clear-eyed in its acknowledgment of a
world culture that demands global production and shipping in even its
most fragile of commodities. While [Stewart] does not hesitate to question
various working conditions and the use of pesticides, both inside the
U.S. and out, Stewart wisely lays bare the information she’s garnered
and allows readers to see for themselves how complex all such
interrelated issues as economics, environmentalism, and social welfare

3 thoughts on “A Smutty Sort of Lust”

  1. Why this need to make the appreciation of flowers a dirty thing by using the words: “…smutty sort of lust…” or “Bookslut”, as a title for a book review blog. I’m not being prudish but it is demeaning to the writers even if they think hyperbole is needed for people to read the book/blog imo.

  2. Hi-
    As the writer of the Bookslut review, I just wanted to take a moment to say I’m glad you feel I have captured the spirit of your book, which I really did enjoy (largely because of its nuance, which is lacking in many, many books these days, fiction and nonfiction).
    Regarding the quoting of the smutty lust for flowers line, I didn’t really choose it for the purposes of hyperbole…the book stands on its own merit, as does Bookslut as a book review site. Moreover, as someone who grew up on a farm and often wiped “smut” off sweet corn (that is, the fungus), I had to appreciate Stewart’s use of “smutty” on several levels. Why not make love of flowers dirty? Lots of them grow in dirt, after all. (Okay. I couldn’t resist that last one).
    Ms. Stewart: Best of luck with your book. It deserves to be a bestseller.
    Sarah Statz Cords

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