Visitors to the garden


I was headed outside today with the intention of cutting down the overgrown verbena bonariensis, which was looking quite brown and dull now that it's truly winter.  But there were three bright yellow finches–at least, I think they were finches–perched on the wiry stems, picking seeds out of the flowers.  So the tall purple verbena stays.

I couldn't get too close without scaring them off, but here are some highly cropped photos.




4 thoughts on “Visitors to the garden”

  1. That’s awesome. Birds only visit my garden for the water and then they hop around on the ground looking for I don’t know what. Worms, maybe. And all I get are little brown birds…nothing yellow.
    I’m looking in my Peterson’s Guide (a lot of good it does me with my little brown birds. Not.) and I can’t tell what your bird is. Wings and cap suggest American Grosbeak but those are supposed to be as large as starlings, and yours looks smaller. But goldfinches are supposed to have black cap (even in winter). However, “Goldfinches are distinguished from other small, olive-yellow birds by their short conical bills.” Well, whatever.

  2. Very cool. One year I harvested the seed heads from my huge sunflowers and left them on the front porch to dry. They apparently kept the birds fed all winter, because I only found cracked shells and empty seed heads by early spring. Every morning when I let the cats out there would be a scattering of tiny birds into the roses near the porch.
    All the spent flowers and seeds from the last of the fall garden still stands out front, proud and messy.

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