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This could go on forever,

Posted by on October 27, 2005 in Garden

This could go on forever, so let me wrap it up by saying: tall purple verbena, sweet peas, jasmine, almost any climbing flowering vine, dahlia, penstemon, Shasta daisy, lilac, cosmos, all herbs, especially Hopley’s purple oregano, narcissus, especially the sweet little scented daffodils, almost any bulb (including gladiolus, which do not remind me of funerals…), milkweed, scented geranium, true geranium, catmint, yarrow, gaura, butterfly bush…

Plants I have recently become interested in and may go overboard on: ornamental grasses, anything that produces flowers or berries in winter. Alleyway planting of winter-bearing shrubs forthcoming–stay tuned for details.