The Future of Heronswood

Anne Raver, writing about Heronswood in the New York Times, has a bit more to say about the future of the gardens themselves.

“Mr. Ball said Heronswood’s gardens– 5 1/2 acres of the garden, as distinct from the business Burpee is moving, will not be depleted even as the best specimens are taken for propagation and testing. ‘I would like to find some kind of buyer who would keep it open to the public,’ Mr. Ball said. He pictures a ‘high-end retirement community, with nice condos’ built around the gardens on the 15-acre Heronswood property.

Mr. Hinkley agreed that the gardens should be preserved, but only if they have a purpose beyond nostalgia, such as serving as an educational resource. Otherwise, he said, ‘I would much rather see the garden euthanized immediately than to see it decline over several years.’ “

Agreed, Dan. High-end retirement community? Nice condos? I shudder to think what the landscaping contractor hired by the homeowners association would do to those gardens. If it must be sold and developed into condos, at least let the local plant geeks come and dig up the good stuff first.

Abruptly, an End Comes for a Garden Shangri-La – New York Times