The Garden Blogger Challenge

During the month of October, GardenRant is participating in the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge.  Here’s how it works:  teachers choose projects they want funded, bloggers pick projects they want to support, and challenge their readers to  make donations.   GardenRant has chosen a bunch of school garden projects and is encouraging other garden bloggers to join in. The idea is that by having one mega-garden-blogger challenge, garden bloggers can send a big message about how much gardening matters. 

So if you’d like to make a donation, go here to see the GardenRant Global Garden Blogger Challenge and choose the project you’d like to support.  And if you have a garden blog or website (or, for that matter, actual friends in the real world), you can post a link on your own blog to the GardenRant challenge, or e-mail it to your friends.

Spread the word–you dig?

2 thoughts on “The Garden Blogger Challenge”

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