Terra Nova perennials

There’s a great article in USA Today (did I just say that?) about Dan Heims of the wholesale Terra Nova Nurseries. He’s the guy who’s responsible for all the amazing heurcheras that have come on the market lately. Check this out:

“The bumper sticker over Heims’ desk says it all: “So many species, so little time.”

Every spring, Heims sends 18 of his newest prospects to garden writers, asking them to try them out and give him feedback.

“And, boy, do they,” he says. “They say things like ‘This was a D-O-G. Why did you send us this?’ Or ‘This is the coolest plant ever. We love it, love it, love it.’ And, yes, they’ll say it three times.””

Outspoken garden writers! That’s what we like!

USATODAY.com – Meet a perennial winner