So Much For That

Remember gardening? Remember when we used to go outside and plant things and pull weeds and look at bugs and turn the compost pile? It was fun, wasn’t it?

I went outside this morning to let the chickens out and it was surpisingly sunny and warm. The ground was completely soaked (Winter in Humboldt County means rain, rain, and more rain), but in a few hours, I thought, things would dry out a bit and maybe I could actually do something in the garden. Like pull a few weeds, just enough to make space for little plants that are getting buried. Or make some cuttings of salvia and stick them in the ground to root over winter. Some modest little activity like that. Just wait a few hours. Wait for some of the water to evaporate off the plants so I don’t get completely soaked.

So I went upstairs and while I was sitting here at my computer, I heard it. That familiar sound. Rain on the roof. (see view from attic window, pictured here) So romantic in the middle of a hot, dry summer, but so tiresome in December.

Never mind. I didn’t want to garden anyway. I’ll garden next year. That’s fine. Really. Posted by Picasa