Plants I Hate

1. Nandinas. Leaves the color of cockroaches. Ugly little berries. Often grown in the courtyards of dentist offices. Like nails on a chalkboard.

2. Agapanthus. Often grown in the parking lots of supermarkets. Boring, boring, boring.

3. Impatiens. Especially near the end of their miserable, short-lived little lives, when they get scraggly and twiggy. Rip them out, already!

4. Cannas. I want to love them, I truly do, but they are a 1970s gardening cliche and I just can’t go there. Like those little button-up shirts with the ruffles down the front and the puffly sleeves that have come back for some unknown reason. Hated them the first time; can’t ever go back there.

5. Coleus. See Impatiens. Add pansies to that.

6. Others too numerous to mention: caladium, daylilies, those irritating little marguerite daisies, especially the pink one called “Cobbity,” all ferns, dull and overused landscape shurbs like pittosporum, ivy in all its forms, and houseplants.

And yes, I know how unfair all this is. Tacoma Gardener started it…