Oh, hail!

You heard me–hail! and lots of it! It is gone just as quickly as it came, and now the sun is out and water is running down the street. This must come as quite a shock to the garden, which was under the impression that spring was around the corner. Snow levels are expected to drop all the way to sea level (we are 8 blocks from the harbor) and then rise slowly to 1000 feet, which is still quite a lot of snow for us.

I even dashed out and planted three of my new plants from High Country Gardens yesterday. Big mistake, I supposed. Oh well, they’re from Santa Fe–they’re used to cold, unpredictable winters.

Temp in the house when I woke up this morning: 41 degrees. We can’t afford to run the heater all night long when we’re snug under our comforter & electric bed warmer anyway. But I think 41 is an all-time indoor record for us. Posted by Picasa