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Not My Garden

Posted by on April 16, 2006 in Garden

You won’t see any great examples of garden design in my own garden. It’s small and overcrowded and tended by a reckless, careless gardener who operates entirely on impulse.

However, I do know people who design beautiful gardens for themselves. I spent the day taking photographs of one such garden during an annual Easter party. It’s an enormous piece of property–I actually don’t know where it begins and ends–that faces a lake and is fringed with redwood forest. Not a bad setup.

As you can imagine, a garden like this is all about the views. It’s about focal points. I’ll post pictures of some of my favorite views over the next few days.

We’ll start with the patio. I can never bring myself to spend money on fancy glazed pots, but what a difference they make, especially this time of year when not much is blooming. Posted by Picasa

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  1. You sound a lot like me. I enjoy gardens, but seem to not really have any sense of design. I like flowers, so I plant them in available spots. I don’t really take into account what the other flowers around them are going to look like. Still, I like my garden!