No Dirt, No Weeds, No Mess

And best of all, no green thumb needed!

Folks, this is the year of the high-tech garden gadget. For just $149, you can grow herbs right in your kitchen using this self-contained little grow system. It’s got a built-in light, “bio domes” that come pre-planted with the seeds of your choice, an aeroponic optimizing chamber (that’s NASA-tested technology, people) where roots grow in nothing but air, water, and fertilizer, and best of all, a computer control panel that puts a Master Gardener right in your kitchen. (Could she make some dinner while she’s in there?)

Plants grow five times faster than dirt, and the light raises automatically as the plant grows. There’s a freaky little video demonstrating the concept here.

The unscripted, unpaid customer testimonials are my favorite, especially the ones where they call it “the unit,” as in, “I just love the idea of having fresh herbs in the kitchen. That’s why I was interested in getting the unit.”

And consider this important benefit: “I really love the idea that I can grow a garden with very little effort, and also that it is small. It wasn’t overwhelming. That was the main thing,” and “I used to envision having a small kitchen garden, but how do you do it? You have to have a lot of dirt and water it all the time. “

That’s right, folks. A pot of dirt with a basil plant in it, sitting in a window sill–how do you do it? And if you do, well, we all know how overwhelming it’s bound to get. Out of control, really. But now there’s a handy gadget to take care of that for you.

What will they think of next? Machines that wash our clothes and sweep our floors? It’s insanity!

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