More Wonders from the Garden Show

A fake lawn! Notice the sign in the background: “No Watering or Fertilizing Ever Again.”

Well, yeah. ‘Cause it’s…uh…plastic.

Can’t these people go live in apartments? Seriously, if the only thing you can think of to do with the land around your house is to cover it in plastic grass, let somebody else live there. Go enjoy the high-density urban lifestyle that we all wish we could embrace so as to preserve open space and farmland around our cities, but don’t because we have to have that little piece of land around us.

But you–you with the plastic grass–you’re perfectly cut out for city life! Walk to work. Choose from twenty different kinds of Chinese take-out. Attend poetry readings on Tuesday nights. Do yoga on a rooftop. Turn your nose up at the stifling, bland suburbs you once inhabited.

And when you’re in the mood for grass, go to the park and sink your toes into the real thing. Posted by Picasa