LA Gardeners: Edible Estates Needs You

Ready to rip out your lawn? Here’s your chance:

gardenlab / edible estates:

“The next regional prototype in the Edible Estates series will be established in Los Angeles in spring 2006 and become the basis for an exhibition the following autumn. We are currently seeking the skilled, eager and adventurous occupants of one conventional American house on a typical street of endless sprawling lawns. These L.A. citizens should be brave enough to break this toxic uniformity, by having their entire front lawn removed and replaced by an edible landscape. As role models they will then proudly devote themselves to the indefinite cultivation of fruits, vegetables, grains and herbs for all neighbors and car traffic to see. This once hostile front yard will become the southwest regional prototype for the Edible Estates series. We will work in collaboration to create the layout, design and plant specifications. All costs associated with establishing the garden for the first season will be covered. If you or someone you know of would be interested you will find the complete list of parameters and specifications here and then contact us at info(at)”