I Know Why the Caged Rose Sings

More from my ongoing quest to figure out how people garden in Manhattan: a rose in a cage on the lower East side. I suppose that if the plant survives to adulthood, the cage will come off, and it will have only its thorns with which to defend itself.

And in response to a comment about where people go in Manhattan to buy dirt–they go here! A little shop around 8th Avenue and 60th sells bags of potting soil that you could put in a cart and haul home. I did find a true nursery in the East Village as well, but didn’t get a picture of it. It was in a small building like this one that happened to have a parking lot next door–a rare sight in New York–and in the parking lot they had stacked bags of soil, rakes, shovels, containers, boards, etc. It can be done! Posted by Picasa