How I Love the Brits

I am one of you, I really am. Scott and I often talk of returning to our ancestral homeland (let’s see–he’s German and Dutch, and I’m a hodgepodge of Irish, German, French and Scottish.) We feel that our people tried our luck in the US and it worked out all right until quite recently, when our fellow hodgepodgers re-elected someone and then regretted it.

So can we come back? Would the EU consider some sort of amnesty program for apologetic Americans? We promise to behave.

Just read this brilliant thing from the Times:

“Lethargy is probably seeping through your alcohol-poisoned veins as the sun struggles to heave itself above the horizon at this time of year. Fight the urge to cling to the fireside. GET OUT AND VISIT GARDENS or your brain will seize up with a patina of moss and liverworts. And you will have no inspiration to offer your own garden when it struggles into life next year.”

YES! I am with you!

Times Online Garden Log: