Garden Center Blog

Check out the golden gecko blog–the blog of a garden center owner in Garden Valley, CA. I found him when he posted a comment about organic fertilizers on Sacramento Gardening–he said, in part: ““Authentic” companies are authentic for the very reason they are not found in chain stores. Just like Mc Donald’s or any other fast food place, you pay for convenience by accepting a product that is not as good as that special restaurant you have to make reservations for. Authentic means thinking ahead and not becoming desperate. Organic gardening is very forgivable if you don’t over do things. ”

Yeah! Let’s hear more from independent nursery owners! Any others out there blogging? I’m going on a search. A few more:

GreenScapes Gardens–here’s a little gem: “We are in the business to sell plants but plants only grow and prosper when they are given the proper incentives to grow……..GOOD SOIL.”

the diary of a garden center employee–no posts lately (it looks like she got a job at Lowe’s) but what’s there is good reading. I love this: “Marin-cess: That is what we call those girls who come into the nursery with the huge, sparkly diamond rings on the fingers. They drive fancy cars and have uncontrolled kids. Usually we see them when they come to see Mark regarding their landscape design project. I see them also when I go to their house to prune the plants they now own but will obviously not be tending.”

…and here’s Campbell’s Garden Center… this about a trade show: ” I try not to jump into things too quickly. It’s better for me to wait and see if the product really performs the way they claim – or not. There have been many products through the years that have made wonderful claims about what the plant was supposed to do. Most of it is “hype”.”

And by the way, Sacramento Gardening has raised (or lowered) the bar by posting pictures of the WORST spots in her garden. You show me yours, I’ll show you mine. I’m headed outside with the camera now!