Food Not Lawns

Food Not Lawns

These people are my new heroes. Yes! Rip out your lawn! Plant food! Grow flowers! If you’re not convinced simply by the sheer throw-caution-to-the-wind brilliance of this idea, ruminate on this for a while:

“In fact, lawns use more equipment, labor, fuel, and agricultural toxins than industrial farming, making lawns the largest agricultural sector in the United States. “

Which reminds me–in response to comments about flower theft–sure, it would make total sense just to not have a garden in the front yard. In my case, there are a couple of issues:

1. I hate lawns, so what else would go in front?

2. It’s a small lot anyway, and the prime space is in front–an unobstructed south-facing slope. Everything else is in the shadow of the house part of the day.

So, I’m happy with my solution, which is to plant perennials that flower freely and easily, so I don’t mind if they get snipped. Still, the nerve!