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Dreaming of Summer

Posted by on April 7, 2006 in Garden

I found this going through last year’s pictures. I look like a stooped-over old person here, but that’s only because I’m bending down to talk to the chickens. But doesn’t the garden look lovely? Just a few more months…

UPDATE: Oh, yeah, that’s a good idea–say something about the plants! Icelandic poppies in front (and I pinched back the young buds so they didn’t bloom until they were big & bushy–I was holding them back in hopes of using them in some arrangements at a wedding, but in the end I didn’t have enough to make it worthwhile)

and behind that, some burgundy bachelor buttons, then against the chicken coop are some very sweet pink and yellow hollyhocks that just come back year after year…and in the upper left corner is this fabulous butterfly bush from White Flower Farm. I tell you, I haven’t ordered many plants from them, but the ones I have ordered have just bloomed their heads off. Those folks are doing something right.

More garden photos coming tomorrow…