Damn Fine Dahlias

White_dahliasEvery year these dahlias come up and I think, "What was I doing, planting these boring pinkish-white dahlias in a garden that’s supposed to be all orange and red and purple?"  In fact, they were probably mislabeled, because I have never been a pale pink kind of gal. 

But then enough of them bloom at once that I can cut five or six and do this with them.  Damn.

And so, having earned their keep for another year, they’re allowed to live.  So what if they don’t match the rest of the garden?  Color schemes are overrated, anyway.

6 thoughts on “Damn Fine Dahlias”

  1. My garden is supposed to be strong colours too, and mostly is, but I’d give that dahlia space – it’s lovely, similar shape to the black one I have. And with dahlias in particular, it doesn’t matter if they mess up the colour scheme, because you can keep liveheading them for your vases, or to give away if they clash with the interior colour scheme too 😉 And of course the more you pick the more you get – I love dahlias, they force generosity on the gardener.
    If you ever find out what it’s called, I’d love to know

  2. Liveheading! I like Joanna’s word for it. I’ve never heard that one before.
    I can’t stick to a color scheme to save my life so anyone who can deserves a rousing hurrah, imo.

  3. I love your line about, having earned their keep, they are allowed to live!!!! I really can’t kill things that are alive in the garden – even barely alive or in the wrong place! And they are beautiful!

  4. Wow! Those are spectacular! What a beautiful photograph! Did you take that one with your phone? or a camera? I just love the colors of the flowers & vase contrasting with the wall colors…lovely

  5. I am just discovering the wonderful world of dahlias and I must say that the ones on your photograph are STUNNING! Did you ever find out its name? I would love to grow them in my garden.

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