Butterfly Gardening

The Fabulous Thing of the Day comes from Butterfly Gardening and Conservation.com. There’s a butterfly blog, lots of great photos of butterflies, and information about host plants and nectar plants.

In case you haven’t explored the whole notion of butterfly gardening before, let me explain: the deal with attracting butterflies to your garden is that you should plant both nectar plants, which provide a food source to adult butterflies, and also host plants, where butterflies will lay their eggs.

For example, milkweed is a host plant for Monarchs; parsley and dill are host plants for some swallowtails. Just remember that when caterpillars start eating your host plants, that’s actually a good thing. Take pictures. Make a baby book. Butterflies are on their way.

Best of all, they sell mugs, T-shirts, and other gear emblazoned with some extraordinary photographs like the ones you see above. Check them out here.