A Blank Slate

Dscn2804The side garden, before–completely neglected and overgrown.  I just never could get interested in this space.  It only gets morning sun thanks to the shadow our house casts, and because it’s by the kitchen door, that’s where the recycling and worm bin goes.  Not our most attractive moment.

And the same garden, taken from the gate at the back:


What now?  I suddenly realized that this long, narrow, enclosed space was the perfect place to plant a garden related to my next book.  (No hints!)  So I hired a teenager to help clear it out.  He dug up quite a bit of the lamium near the front, but I’ve got to brag and say that I hacked away at quite a bit of it myself, transplanted the calla lilies and colombines and whatever else was worth saving, and the result is a lovely, blank slate that I will continue to hoe and rake and work compost and fertilizer into until the tranformation begins…


where did that statue come from? it was completely buried.


ah, the joys of a fresh start….the garden and the book…

6 thoughts on “A Blank Slate”

  1. The delight of every gardener, a cleaned up space calling out for all new plants. Looking forward to updates on this project and your next book.

  2. Amy, ‘From the Ground Up’ is my bedtime reading lately, sorry to say I’m almost finished! I’m delighted to hear there’s another book in the works. Is the side garden at the same house?

  3. Amy, I loved “From the Ground Up” and can hardly wait for your next book. I hope you will keep us posted about the garden so we can be guessing what it might be about??

  4. Nice to anticipate your next offering. All three of your books are among my favorites. I gave a copy of Flower Confidential to a gardener co-worker yesterday.

  5. Ah, so jealous. I have plans, on paper, for a major overhaul to my garden, visually and philosophically. Must find a teenager to hire.

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