Book Clubs & Skype Author Visits

Book Clubs & Skype Author Visits

Ain’t technology grand?

In this modern era, we can get together anytime, anyplace.  If you’re in a book club, and you’re reading one of the Kopp Sisters novels, I’d love to drop in and chat!  We can talk over SkypeFaceTimeGoogle Hangouts, Zoom, or–believe it or not–an actual telephone.  To request a virtual author visit, get in touch with me through the link below.

E-mail me to arrange a free virtual author event for your book club, bookstore, or library group. And if you don’t have Zoom, I can host it for you on my account.

And if we can’t make that work? I’ve recorded videos about each book in the series that include behind-the-scenes info and pictures from the Kopps’ real lives.

If you’d like to ask about an in-person visit instead, go here to make an inquiry.

We can also get together in person at any of my events around the country. I’d love to see you there!