Why Shop at a Local Florist: #1

1.  Our flowers are better.

OK, so I am, admittedly, starting out with one of the more controversial issues.  Are the flowers really better at a flower shop?  If so, why?  And if not,  can you expect people to pay more for them at a flower shop?

I would say (and this is actually what I told Money magazine, although they didn’t have room to quote our entire conversation) that in fact, supermarket flowers are fine for ‘everyday’ flowers, just like Two Buck Chuck is fine for an everyday wine.  But there is an upscale version of both flowers and wine, and you do get more for your money when you’re willing to pay a little more.

Your customers don’t have any idea that there such a thing as a high-quality, high-end, luxury flower, so it’s up to you to tell them.  And it’s not enough to just say "our flowers are high-quality."  Everybody says that their product is high-quality.  So how do you say it?  Here are some ideas:

" We only buy flowers with longer stems, bigger blooms, and brighter colors.  Compare the size of our signature ‘Cherry Brandy’ rose to the typical supermarket rose, and you’ll see what we mean."

"Do you miss the fragrance of an old-fashioned rose?  We do too. That’s why our buyers are always on the lookout for roses, lilies, and other flowers that have a true garden fragrance."

"We have more choices.  In a typical week, we have roughly 75 varieties of flowers in stock.  If it’s in bloom anywhere in the world, we can usually get it."

"Don’t give ordinary flowers to an extraordinary person.  We specialize in exquisite, unusual, hard-to-find flowers that always make an impression."