Why Shop at a Local Florist: #10

10.  We’re artists.

Everybody thinks they can arrange flowers, right?  Remind them of your fabulous talents without putting off the do-it-yourselfers.

"We hate cookie-cutter designs as much as you do.  You won’t find any boring, fern-and-baby’s breath mixed bouquets in our shop."

"We want our flowers to take your breath away, not put you to sleep.  We are known for our lush, botanical style.  Check out our signature Flora bouquet, or visit the Design section of our website for more ideas."

"Our designers know how to interpret a mood, a personality, or an occasion.  You don’t have to guess about what kind of flowers to order.  Is she a cook, a gardener, or an art collector? Is this bouquet going to a farmhouse or a modern condominium?  Does she hate pink or secretly love carnations?  Give us a little information, and we’ll figure out a fresh, innovative approach."

"Our designers have created bouquets to match old family photos, tranquil Japanese gardens, and even dinner platters.  That’s right, bring us a table setting and we’ll design a centerpiece to match it. We’ll even create a design just for a special vase in your collection."