Why Shop at a Local Florist: #9

9.  We go the extra mile.

I’m talking mainly about deliveries here, but go ahead and broaden the concept to talk about other ways you go the extra mile.  I’ve heard lots of great stories from florists, and I wonder why they don’t turn those stories into advertisements or local news articles. For instance:

"Look for our shiny Flower Power vans delivering flowers all over Springfield."

"Ask about our ultra-fast One Hour Delivery option for those all-too-frequent floral emergencies."

"We once carried a bouquet up the ski lift in the middle of winter for a marriage proposal on the mountaintop.  We’ll go anywhere for you."

"Want to surprise her in a restaurant, hotel, airport, or in a rowboat on Springfield Lake?  We deliver to the most unlikely places."

"Planning a dinner party?  Let us worry about the flowers. We offer a Fabulous Fiesta package that includes flowers, candles, and a keepsake vase. You can even e-mail us a photo of your color scheme, china, or decor, and we’ll come up with the perfect complement.  We’ll not only deliver it, we’ll bring it inside and set it up for you, so you can get back to stuffing those mushrooms."