Why Shop at a Local Florist: #6

6.  We’re part of your community.

Buying local is the new buzzword. Get involved in your Local First  (here’s another list, or just google "Local First" and your city) or downtown merchant’s association.  Learn about how local merchants are promoting small, locally-owned businesses over big boxes.  Remind your customers, and your city council members, that studies show that spending $100 at a local business puts $68 back in the community, while that same $100 at a big box creates only $43 in local impact.  Remember, the big boxes are well-funded and well-organized.  Now small businesses are too!

And don’t forget about local flowers!  This not only appeals to eco-conscious consumers (more about that coming up), but it also lets you offer more interesting, unusual varieties and support another small business dedicated to flowers.  Check your local farmers market association, county agricultural extension office, or go here to search for local flower growers. Don’t forget about locally-grown potted plants, dried flowers, herbal sachets, and locally-made gifts like spa products , wine, or chocolates.

" We are a third-generation, family-run shop.  Our grandparents delivered flowers to your grandparents."

"We support local farmers.  We buy fresh, locally grown flowers in season, and we’re proud to offer a "Grown in Springfield County" bouquet all summer long.   In the winter, ask about our "Made in Springfield" gift basket."

"When you shop here, your dollars stay in the community.  We hire local contractors, local janitorial services, local bookkeepers, local graphic designers, and local mechanics.  We’re proud to do business with our friends and neighbors. Studies show that locally-owned businesses put significantly more money back into the local economy than chain stores do."

"We’re part of the Main Street program.  Stop by on the first Friday of the month for Springfield Arts Walk, when we feature floral paintings by a local artist and pour champagne."

"We participate in the monthly Shop Springfield night, when you can get discounts and rewards for shopping at a network of locally owned businesses."

"We’re the winner of the 2006 Small Business of the Year award from the Springfield Chamber of Commerce."