Why Shop at a Local Florist: #3

3.  We take better care of you.

Your customers might not even realize how much personal service you offer.  Give them some concrete examples.  Don’t just say "we have better service."  Everybody says they have better service.

"We know that people buy flowers on some of the best days — and the worst days —  of their lives.  Florists have seen it all. Whether you’re getting engaged or sending flowers to the hospital,  you can trust us to set the right tone and make sure the flowers get where they need to go, on time and in perfect condition."

"We have a full-time event planner who handles weddings, parties, and other special events. We know the ins and outs of working with caterers, decorators, and other professionals.  We’ve done events in every venue in town, from the Springfield Apple Farm to the Four Seasons."

"Last-minute orders? No problem.  Special invoicing requirements?  Easy.  Volume discounts?  Sure.  Your own personal account rep?  Definitely.  Online orders?  Just visit our website."

"Sign up for our Frequent Flower program and get a 10% discount, a free bouquet for every dozen that you purchase, and customized e-mail reminders of holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, with a gift ideas tailored to the recipient’s preferences.  Some husbands call us their secret weapon."

"When you send flowers as a gift to someone, you want to know that they got what you ordered and that it arrived on time.  Request delivery confirmation when you place your order, and we’ll e-mail you a photo of the arrangement we made for you, with a confirmation of the delivery time."

"When the Johnson family had triplets, our shop  got twelve orders for flowers.  We made sure that everybody sent something different, and we even staggered the delivery dates  so the new parents had a full month of fresh flowers in their home."