Why Shop at a Local Florist: #12

12.  We have more fun.

Highlight your special events, promotions, and crazy sense of humor.

"Is it your birthday?  Come in for a free flower.   And don’t forget to watch our sign out front.  Every Monday we pick a name at random, and if we put your name on the sign, you get a free flower.  What can we say?  We’re florists.  We like giving flowers to people. Especially on Mondays."

"Guys, don’t miss our annual Beer and Bouquet night on February 13.   Drink a beer, assemble your own arrangement, and score major points at home.  Enough said."

"Our annual Mother’s Day Tea is our most popular event all year.  Bring Mom in for tea, Springfield Bakery scones, and a flower arranging class. You can design a bouquet for her on the spot.  No pipe cleaners or popsicle sticks involved."

"Want to have a flower arranging party at your home or in our shop? We’ve hosted bridesmaids, garden clubs, and football teams.  (Okay, we’ve never hosted a football team, but we’d like to!)"

"Have you ever serenaded someone?  Neither have we, but we partner with members of the Springfield Opera Company to deliver a tuxedo-clad, red rose-carrying, opera-singing crooner to your loved one’s bedroom window, place of work, or rendezvous location of your choosing.  All you have to do is show up and take the credit. Think you can handle that?"

"Every month, our Random Act of Kindness team delivers a bouquet to a random Springfield resident while they’re at work.  We’ve delivered bouquets to bank tellers, nurses, teachers, auto mechanics, veterinarians, and executives.  You could be next!"