Why Shop at a Local Florist: #11

11.  We’re affordable.

Okay, can I just say one thing here?  We each have our own definition of "affordable."  Let’s say you have to buy a gift for your neighbor’s daughter’s baby shower. You don’t know this person very well, but they picked up your mail last time you were out of town, and now you’re on the hook to go to this baby shower.  What are you going to spend? 10 bucks?  20 bucks?

Now a customer comes in and tells you the same story.  You assume they only want to spend 20 bucks.   But what she doesn’t tell you is that, by picking up the mail, this neighbor made sure that a package of very important business documents didn’t get sent back to the post office.  Or maybe she lives in a very ritzy part of town, where you just don’t show up at a baby shower with a $20 present.  Or maybe she just loves babies.  Who knows?

The point is, everybody has a different budget.  There are a lot of people out there who are willing and able to spend 50 or 100 bucks on a present.  Sometimes people need to make a very big statement, and if you offer them a $45 bouquet, they might decide that you’re just not the kind of shop that can handle the $200 order they were planning on placing with you.

So how about:

"Our best-selling arrangement is priced at $60, which is less than the price of dinner for two at the Springfield Hotel, a sixty-minute spa visit, a pair of tickets to the Springfield Theater, or a ride in a hot-air balloon.  And all of those gifts last an hour or two.  Our flowers last a week or more!"

"We can put together a fabulous arrangement for any budget.  Don’t believe us?  Visit our website for the results of our latest Designers’ $20 Challenge."  (which you ran, Iron Chef style, on the local TV news program, right?  Or held on a Friday night, complete with cocktails and bets on the winners?)

"Our growers bunches sell for about a dollar a stem, which is what you’d pay at a supermarket.  What’s the difference between our flowers and theirs?  See #1 and #2."

"We’ve always got a $9.99 mixed bouquet wrapped and ready to walk out the door."

"Sign up for our Monthly Flower Lover’s Club and get a different mixed bouquet every month for only $125 a year. If your home or office is in the Springfield Downtown District, we’ll even walk over and deliver it."

"Never been to our Friday Night Happy Hour?  All the flowers on display are $1 a stem.  Mix and match, or let our designers put it together for you. "

"Even our luxury flowers are surprisingly affordable.  Our unforgettable Artisanal Bouquet, priced at $175, comes in a crystal vase or a handcrafted wooden box, and includes the most rare and delightful flowers of the season."