Twelve Reasons to Shop at a Local Florist

Money magazine’s 1.9 million readers and the Today Show’s 6 million viewers got the message that they should splurge on florist flowers rather than save on supermarket flowers.  (This came after an interview I did with Money a couple months ago.)

So that’s a lot of people who just heard that they should take another look at their local florist.  I hear from a lot of florists who want ideas about how to get the message across to their customers about why their flowers are better.  Getting on the Today Show is one idea–but are there some other, more affordable options?

Well, I’m not a florist, but since you guys have been contacting me and asking for my ideas, I’ll share them.  Coming up over the next couple of weeks:  a dozen reasons to shop at your local florist.  Check back after Labor Day for the first post.

Take these ideas and do what you want with them.  Make a poster or a brochure, put it on your website, use it in your newsletter, issue a press release, run a series of twelve ads in the local newspaper.

For that matter, run a contest in your shop!  Ask your customers to guess the reasons, and give them one rose for every reason on your list that they come up with on their own.

And most of all, show some personality!  I’ll give you my general ideas, and some suggestions for customizing them for your shop.  Enjoy!