Starting Tomorrow: A Dozen Reasons to Shop at a Local Florist

I said last week that, in response to e-mails I’ve been getting from florists, I’d post a list of reasons why people should shop at their local florist.  This all came about in response to the Today Show/Money Magazine piece on whether it makes sense to "splurge or save" on flowers.  I said to splurge, and I encouraged people to look for a great local florist who could provide splurge-worthy flowers.

So pretty soon, I was hearing from florists who wanted to know how I thought they could keep that message going.  In other words, what could they tell customers to help them understand the difference between a supermarket and a florist?

I answered this question in one form last Valentine’s Day, when I wrote an op-ed for the New York Times about the benefits of flower shops to urban life.   But really, there are lots of ways to explain to people why they should visit a florist.

So starting tomorrow, I’ll post not one, but a dozen, messages about the benefits of shopping at a local florist.  Please post your own comments and responses.  I know I’m not a business consultant or a florist, but hey, you guys asked.  Think of these as ideas from one of your loyal customers.  Enjoy!