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Saturday’s Harvest

Posted by on June 25, 2006 in Cut Flowers, Garden

Dscn10261_2  Lucky for me–all of these plants need to be cut back so they’ll continue blooming.  This weekend’s harvest included hydrangea, catmint, lady’s mantle, daisies, coreopsis, sweet William, and alstroemeria.  I could have cut plenty more, but where would I put it?  And yes, I know that the flowers spilling out of the watering can is a dreadful gardening cliche, but hey, it’s the container that happened to be sitting around.

  And here they are ready to go indoors.  You can see that I’m a fan of what florists call "monobotanical" flower arrangements,Dscn10291_2  or vases filled with just one kind of flower.  For one thing, it’s easy, and for another, mixed bouquets tend to wilt at different rates.  (Throw some short-lived sweet peas in a vase with some long-lived alstroemeria and you’ll see what I mean.)

But most of all, I just like being able to admire one flower individually for what it is.  That vase of hydrangeas is on my desk right now, and I like to look over at it and just consider it all by itself, without any filler or competition.


  1. Wow! Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous. I like them in their separate vases like that — it’s a nice way to appreciate each different kind. So beautiful.

  2. Just gorgeous!

  3. Picture perfect the first photo frame it!!
    Your vases for the house oh to have them all!

  4. GO…ORGEOUS! Is that lady’s mantle and catmint in the far right vase? Btw, you’re quite the talented flower arranger.

  5. Oh how lovely! And I have never seen alstromeria in that shade of orange. Beautiful, just beautiful!!!