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Posted by on October 27, 2006 in Cut Flowers

Posies_1 A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post about Bonny Doon Garden Company and their world-famous posies.   Now I’ve got a posy of my own sitting on my desk.

What makes these so lovely is not just the seniments they express, but also the way all these flowers and leaves come together in the vase.  They’re chosen for their individual meanings, but they also come together to create a wonderfully interesting and natural bouquet.  In this case, the stock, pine, and geranium leaves are all scented, but it’s not your typical flowery floral scent.  It’s woodsy and spicy and outdoorsy.  It smells like a garden.  Who could resist these?


  1. They are lovely Amy – I like small bunches of flowers as they fit into domestic spaces and look like they are a part of your everyday life, an elegant, time to smell the flowers kind of life. Large bunches seem more formal and say “special occasion” which is nice in a way but different.
    I also love slightly herby scents – this is the first year I have cut scented leaf geraniums and they ARE fantastic – monarda and salvia patens have the same kind of deep evocative herby growing scent.

  2. I meant to say when you mentioned Language of flowers that there is a wonderful decadent looking book by Shane Connolly on this subject – his arrangements are gorgoeus though some are fairly extreme – a bouquet of nettles anyone?

  3. I actually never knew what a ‘posey’ was before…this is so pretty. I like the part about the meaning of each flower too, very sweet.
    Nice blog, I got here via Caroline’s EFG
    Have a great day. Its snowing here on the Canadian Prairies.

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