Moving Flowers Around

Dscn2085Two examples of how flowers get moved around the world.  First, this old flower transport box, probably used more for taking flowers to flower shows than to markets, but interesting anyway:  a solid wooden box, metal vases, and a raised lid stamped with instructions.  I found this at the Museum of Garden History in London (yes, there is such a place, and yes, I spent an inordinate amount of time there.)

Next, a couple of photos from a flower stall in London’s Chelsea.  You can see that these flowers come directly from the Dutch auction houses, and they’re displayed in the containers they’re sent in, many of which are designed to keep the flowers in water during transport.

Dscn1597These gerberas would not have been shipped in a container like this, but they would have traveled around in this box–by shipping them in a box, with the stems sticking out the back, you can keep the direction of the flowers from being influenced too much by gravity.