Meet the Florists: Bonny Doon Garden Company

Amy_and_teresa A couple weeks ago, I went down to Santa Cruz and stopped in to say hello to Teresa Sabankaya, owner of Bonny Doon Garden Company.  She owns a cheery flower stall right outside of Bookshop Santa Cruz, she ships her fabulous posies all over the country, and she provides all the services you’d expect from a full-service florist, from deliveries to weddings to business accounts.

I decided to include Teresa in Flower Confidential because she runs a wonderfully old-fashioned business, not too different from the way a flower shop might have operated 100 years ago.  She started out selling flowers from her own garden (and many florists, back in the old days, were both growers Bonny_doon_garden_coand florists), she buys most of her flowers locally (which, before the days of planes and refrigerated trucks, was the only option) and she prides herself on getting to know her  customers and offering them something unique and original. 

There are probably a dozen places to buy flowers within a mile of Teresa’s shop, including a couple of grocery stores, but none with the sheer joy and exuberance of her sidewalk stand.

You’ll read more about her in the book, but meanwhile, do check out her website and her special emphasis on putting together bouquets with hidden (or not so hidden) meanings.  She’s revived the lost language of flowers and people who receive one of her posies, with a little card tucked inside explaining the message each flower contains, are overjoyed.  More than one customer has said that it was the most meaningful gift they’ve ever received.  She’s shipped them as far as Canada and they arrive in perfect condition.